ILLUMINATE with Luminor

Applications closed until 2025

About Luminor ILLUMINATE

Luminor ILLUMINATE is a pan-Baltic summer internship tailored for students who seek to try out their potential in the dynamic and diverse banking sector. 

Here at Luminor, we offer you a rich and culturally diverse community, an innovative and efficient work environment and most importantly - an opportunity to remarkably improve or even find yourself while working on challenging and diverse day-to-day tasks or projects in our paid summer internship program. We aim to gather a team of passionate interns in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania who will participate in our summer programme. You can choose a path that best suits your interests and remember to be curious when exploring all the opportunities!

Choose your area

Summer Internship in Customer Relationship Management

Complete your internship in the heart of our business- working with clients. This team provides services to everyday people and small businesses in the Baltics. There you'll get to tackle real-life problems and provide the best solutions for our customers.

Summer Internship in Banking Back-Office

Gain new skills in teams across Luminor that make our common journey happen, by enabling the engine & unleash people’s positive energy. Create a performance culture environment and ensure that Luminor and its employees comply with external and internal regulations.

Summer Internship in Risks

You will find different types of risks in this area to explore and apply to exactly what speaks closest to you. Starting from Credit Risk and ending at Operational Continuity we plan to provide true look behind the curtain.

Summer Internship in Finance & Accounting

Gain experience in a team that manages financial resources and provides financial control across the organization. Take part in a classic back-office operation or help to secure the organization with liquid monetary and non-monetary funds.

Summer Internship in Technology

Join our tech area with over 300 technology professionals working across borders to provide cutting-edge technology solutions, development and support.

Summer Internship in Data

If you are curious about comparing and gathering wide range of information and data while being interested in Finance sector then this is the area for you. This is a rather complex area where we are mostly focusing on last year students.

Summer Internship in Software Engineering

Join our core area ready to be hands on and provide your unique point of view to improve directly our technical solutions for our customers.

Applications closed until 2025