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Smart, experienced, awesome and hard working colleagues make working for Luminor so easy and great.

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What We Do

Legal division stands for solid legal partnership and advise to business, products and support functions within Luminor Group, leads contacts with supervisory authorities and owns Group governance framework and newly also internal regulations framework. Truly passionate and committed professionals work as one Legal team which competence centers developed to serve organisation's needs in the most optimal way: Regulatory, Internal Regulations, General, corporate, Retail & Investment, Litigation.

Legal division subsist of quite a few teams that together supports and contributes to Luminor across the Baltics
- General Legal Department
- Retail and Investment Department
- Corporate Legal Department
- Litigation Department and more

The Luminor attitude:


Without curiosity, Luminor would not exist. Nobody has yet seen the future, but we’ve already imagined it.


Without collaboration, there’s no point in building a company—we could all be consultants.


Without focus, we waste time and resources. For Luminor, this would delay the future (unacceptable).

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