Credit Advisory & Restructuring

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Luminor is constantly evolving and during this process employees are gaining new knowledge and diverse experience. This is also a characteristic of my department: Every day I am facing new and challenging situations and by resolving them I get new competences and know-hows. Collaboration is one of our core values and working in Luminor I can always feel this support from my colleagues.

Maris Vizulis
Senior Specialist

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What We Do

Credit Advisory & Restructuring division is established as a special force to manage the existing expectedly growing inflows of non-performing loans (NPLs) as a result of Covid-19 crisis with the ultimate objective to minimize losses for the Bank and help Bank's customers to overcome crisis and return to their normal business activities. The team consist of experienced professionals and developing juniors with deep understanding of corporate and retail banking and wide set of skills in restructuring, recovery and even litigation.

There are two main workstreams in Credit Advisory & Restructuring division:
- Restructuring: lending customers having temporary financial difficulties are advised by the team, the viable solutions to restructure loans are developed and after certain probation period cured customers are returned back to business.
- Recovery: when financial difficulties cannot be resolved in a reasonable period of time, the lending agreements are terminated and the repayment of loans issued is ensured through sales of collaterals and realization of other securities.

The Luminor attitude:


Without curiosity, Luminor would not exist. Nobody has yet seen the future, but we have imagined it already.


Without collaboration, there’s no point in building a company—we could all be consultants.


Without focus, we waste time and resources. At Luminor it means that we will delay the future (not acceptable).

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